We are creative, that is why we are able to design solution where others can’t see them



Attention to detail and ergonomics are our particular assets


We are flexible and willing to customize our products to meet expectations of our clients


We are aware of needs of our environment that is why our products are powered on newest technology solutions which care for our planet


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You have now entered an area of professional electronical solutions. Please consider yourself being the center of our whole attention.

We are developing modern solutions, designed and tailored to meet your expectations.

We monitor market trends worldwide so that you can be sure technologies used in products purchased from us are modern and meet highest quality standards.

We constantly upgrade our commercial products. When you make business with us, you don’t only buy the product - you buy whole technology which is constantly changing and getting more advanced!

We brainstorm new ideas to convert them into products ready to be implemented in everyday life, helping you in achieving your professional goals.

We establish long and firm relationships with our partners, doing business with us means getting service and support anytime, when most needed. On the other hand, we expect that you share your feedback with us, power our developing skills and challenge them to do more!

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  • urlop / holiday / vacation
    Datetime: Tuesday, 04 August 2015
    Z góry informujemy, że w dniach 20.08 br- 6.09 br. będziemy poza biurem. Kontakt z nami może być utrudniony, zamówienia w tym czasie nie będą wysyłane. Zamówienia można składać na adres, będą realizowane po 6.09 br. We would like…
  • ParaRudniki 2015
    Datetime: Monday, 25 May 2015
    Miło jest nam poinformować, że w tym roku będziemy obecni na targach. Zapraszamy do odwiedzin naszego stanowiska. Przygotowaliśmy kilka nowości oraz oferty specjalne. Promocje będą dostępne tylko podczas trwania targów. Do zobaczenia!
  • PPGinfo2
    Datetime: Saturday, 31 January 2015
    Z przyjemnością prezentujemy nasze kolejne urządzenie również bezprzewodowe! PPGinfo2 pozwala na monitoring min temperatur CHT,EGT oraz RPM i nalotu. Dostępny już wkrótce! We are pleased to present you our newest device which is wireless as well! It allowes you among…

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