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After decent amount of time spent on hard work, thinking and developing new version of our on-board PPG computer – we are glad to announce that the construction and testing phase is over, and we are ready to present it to you.

Overall look :


Once previous version of the device had been released, we received many opinions and a lot of wide, constructive feedback from our customers. Thanks to you, we have widen the functionality of our product and corrected any inconvenience spotted by users.
PPGinfo Black – that’s how we called our new device, delivers features known from previous versions, and at the same time offers several upgrades:

• Low energy consumption using Built-in battery – you don’t have to use external batteries power,
• Monitoring battery charge level, automatic charger,
• Cooperation with multiple ignition systems (including 4 stroke),
• Measuring two temperatures (Exhaust Gas Temperature/Cylinder Head Temperature)
• Measuring engine speed (RPM),
• Measuring sum of PPG’s work-hours and it’s actual engine time,
• Advanced sequential estimation algorithm of remaining fuel,
• Fuel sensor connection (optional) – user can choose reserve-type or WEMA
• Indicating outsider temperature,
• Flying log-book (up to 20 last flights),
• Automatic switch-off – when device detects engine is not working,
• Time of flight alarm,
• Temperature alarm (both sensors),
• Alarms supported with diode,
• fully tailored display (self-adaptable - two screens displaying four features each)
• Clock,
• Digital power control,
• Software upgrades via PC-connection and designed application,
• Saving flight parameters (RPM, temperatures, fuel level) and visualization on PC using FlyDiagnostic Tool (download for free!)
• Compact and robust design with Brand-new, resistant connector,
• Black enclosure.

These are only a few features, check it yourself!

The most important change In PPGinfo Black was addition of internal memory and diagnostic tool. Now you can see your engine’s daily performance on PC screen! Here are some screenshots on how the diagnostics tool works:

RPM chart for snap 100 engine

3D RPM vs. EGT temperature chart for snap 100 engine

Please find below currently available PPGinfo Black software options, and choose the one that suits you the most!

We hope that our new product will meet your expectations. As always, we await your feedback on